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These are facts about domain/website renewals and why you should renew before expiration date.


A) All renewals are full payment in advance.

B) An account (ie Domain, Hosting, or Website) is due for renewal 15-days to the actual expiration date for the following reasons:

  1. All Domains are registered/renewed via accredited Registrar at the international level in Dollar currency ($) except .ng domains that is registered in Nigeria.
  2. Our web hosting servers are located in the U.S for 99.9% up-time.
  3. To facilitate easy flow of renewal collections and a timely payment to our Domain Registrar(s) and Online Web Server Providers as the case may apply.
  4. Online Service renewals are always recommended to be paid before an active subscription expires so as to avoid downtime or services disruption.

C) Jadlead Renewal Advantage: Jadlead Technology can renew a service on your behalf for another one year before it expires on a condition that you will reimburse at a stipulated time. This request can only be made through our website not less than 7-working days to expiration date and Jadlead Technology reserve the right to either favour or refuse your request after critical evaluation of your credibility with us and your financial institution.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a result of fluctuation in the exchange rate of Naira to Dollar; Renewal fee can change at any time without prior notice or permission from you.



If you finally allow your domain, hosting or website to expire as a result of delay or failure to renew during the above time-frame, then the following will hold:

D) Once a domain expires, the website and email  will no longer function and it may also affect the hosting either directly or indirectly.

E) You have a 30-days grace period for expired domain(s) that is registered through us either directly as a single product or indirectly with a hosting or website package. After the 30-days grace period your domain will be flagged for deletion and it will go into the Redemption Grace Period where you will have to pay a redemption fee to recover your domain.

F) During the Redemption Grace Period and the time stipulated for a domain name recovery, you agree to pay the redemption fee charge by the registrar to redeemed your domain.

G) If a loss or deletion of your domain, hosting and/or website occur as a result of your failure to renew within the time frame provided, then Jadlead Technology shall not be held responsible by you or your business for any damage associated with it.

H) Atfer a final deletion and your domain is release from the registry database it will then be avilable for anybody to register on a first come first served basis.

All content of this website can be modified or reviewed without prior notice or permission by you but as a client or user of our website you have the right to be notify of changes via your email in our database.



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